A Fishy Christmas!

First off, thanks to everyone that came along to the Edge of the Wedge last night, what a great night of music!

Next up, we are playing a few covers at the annual Southsea Christmas Covers Party¬†at the One Eye’d Dog in Southsea on Sunday the 23rd of¬†December.

It’s baaaaaack!
We’ve returned for the third incarnation of the Southsea Christmas Covers Party, all in aid of the Rowans Hospice, Purbrook.
The premise is simple: 8 bands, each with three cover songs in different styles. No serious stuff, no skills at all, gags galore.

So, what do you get for your ca$h?

Not only that nice glow in your chest for donating money to The Rowans, but…Watashi Calcutecs – Asian hot sauce on maths tool shocker.
Battery Hens – More guitar pedals than Southsea has hipsters.
Capsized – Like the size of a crap, but not.
Contra – Not Dragon Eye Morrison, but just as old.
Protein Window – Fat lads eating chicken.
Red Seals – Aquatic ginger mammals.
Shooting Fish – Captain Birdseye infused punk.
Udy and the Brailettes – Bad taste folk pop with girls (apparently)Get yourself down, ’tis the musical highlight of the year *cough*

So come on down for some festive fishmas cheer!
Fishbook Event

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